Bridal Couture | Silk Wedding Dress with Sleeves For a Scottish Wedding

A Silk Wedding Dress With Sleeves


Our lovely bride Christine had her heart on marrying in her finance in the Highlands in a silk wedding dress with sleeves complete with a vintage tiara.  Because her Grandma had worn a silk wedding dress and had left Christine her very beautiful tiara, it seemed quite natural to recreate a modern version of events around which she had very clear ideas for incorporating the tiara design for her own wedding day.

Centering a design around a family treasure or heirloom piece, is the foundation of a truly beautiful and exclusive piece of design.  It is a work that feels uniquely unique  with no blueprint or dialogue to guide the process.  Every thought and inspiration must lead back to the source; and so my starting naturally begins by studying closely the article in question and creating a few sketches for reference.


silk wedding dress


Prior to us meeting, Christine had visited multiple bridal shops as far away as Scotland in search of a vintage or uniquely designed silk wedding dress that had potential for the vision that she’d held unto all theses years.  After a few months, hope began to fade and Christine booked herself one last daunting appointment where she almost knew in her heart that she would be pinned, squeezed and clamped into a dozen or so dresses; only to find that none of them came remotely close to the story of herself.


Long Sleeved Wedding Dress For a Scottish Winter Wedding

With such specific requirements and with nothing on the market that was remotely close.  Armed with a tiny sketch that she had drawn, Christine visited our studio.   There were two challenges as I saw it, but both were easily resolved with a little know-how.  The first was the heirloom tiara that she had inherited – a beautiful vintage tiara from her grandmother.   The second challenge was that getting married in the Scottish Highlands where sunshine and warm weather (on the same day) would be short of a genuine miracle would form part of the considerations around the design and style for her dress.


We discussed every possible design option before exploring the range of suitable silk bridal fabrics and trims in a shade that would add warmth to her rosy skin tone and tiny frame, whilst retaining the shape of the collar.  We both fell in love and decided upon a Silk Ghazaar Organza by Henry Bertrand.  The Silk Ghazaar, has a beautiful soft and understated satin surface with a nice weight, making it the perfect choice and far superior to the standard organza on the markets.   I love it for the crispness and ability to maintain definition and details  whilst keeping the chilly air away from Christines’ skin in the highlands.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”


silk wedding dress with sleeves


The first fitting took place approximately 8 weeks from the day that we met and we started with a calico mock-up of the final style.  The calico is a great way to show the final design, perform fitting development and even alter the silouhette until we have the desired shape.  Because this stage of the making is crucial to perfecting the final product, If, we are not happy with it, we simply make it again.  We also provided sketched mock-ups of the fastening detail as we wanted this to follow the shape of the tiara.




Hello hello hello

Yes, I’m now Mrs Fraser!   All went wonderfully.  Your beautiful coat was MAGICAL’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can’t wait to tell you all but just to say that I was THRILLED to bits with it and felt fantastic in it, amidst many many many compliments!!!!!  So, there you go, well done you!!!!!

Take care of yourself and THANK YOU for everything – you made the whole experience such fun; it was lovely to get to know you and you certainly made a dream come true for me!!!

Lots of love

Christine xxx

PS.. It didn’t rain AND!!  Robert said that I looked like a million dollars (and ultra-stylish) and he’s not one to exaggerate so there’s praise indeed!!