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 A Truly British Handmade Wedding Dress For a Calefornian Bride

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The Handmade Wedding Dresses London Experience

Our first meeting with Brittany took place over Zoom during lockdown – which seemed quite normal at the time due to the restrictions for travelling and the fact that she lived in Calefornia.  We were just so excited to learn that Brittany’s family had originated in the UK and so she felt that she wanted to incorporate elements of her British roots into her dream wedding dress.  She had followed us over on Instagram for quite a while and loved our ‘Sass & Style’ so much, that she had already decided that we would be a great fit for what she wanted to acheieve.

Making a Bespoke Wedding Dress For an Overseas Bride?

I think it’s safe to say that from our first meeting, I also knew that we were going to have so much fun working together. I knew that good communications and patience was going to be essential to having a successful outcome.  This was not so difficult as it might seem to others with less experience, as we were literally about to embark on creating a wedding dress from scratch for someone who could not visit the atelier in London for the initial consultation or any of the subsequent wedding dress fittings during the process.

Brittany was just so laid back and trusted us with the process.

Extremely helpful to the process was the fact that she had done her homework, learning as much as is possible about us before she got in touch.  She knew exactly what she wanted,  so when I quickly set to work, created  the first sketch and sourced a selection of fabrics that I knew would work well for the structure and design, packaged them up and sent them to her home in Los Angeles Calefornia.


The First Wedding Dress Fitting at Home



The first toile (mock up) of Brittany’s handmade weddingdress was dispatched with notes, pins and guidelines for the fitting which took place in her home with her partner Drew.  We hadnt planned it this way but, as the pandemic affected businesses throughout the world, we had to adapt fairly quickly to the changing rules and restrictions.   It was quite hilarious at the time having the fiance in the room – I mean, the surprise would be lost right?  But, consider this, we couldnt have done it without him.

Drew had clearly never had to perform such a task before and fitting a bridal gown is no mean feat with little or no room for error – but, he was a quick learner and fantastic at taking instructions.  The whole process of conducting the fitting  from our handmade wedding dresses London HQ, was carried out over Whatsapp and the fitting went perfectly.    The fact that the initial fit of the mocked up wedding dress was 99% perfect already, the reamining alterations were minimal small tweaks such as lowering the front neckline, taking in the hips ever so slightly and turning up the hemline.





A few words of kindness from Brit & Drew

“I’m so sad to be complete with the process. Thank you for all you’ve done Cynthia and your consistent support, communication and involvement. I’m so so grateful.  I’ll definitely write a google review as well and inform everyone I know about how wonderful my experience has been.”



As you can see from the beautiful selection of images above, the whole process went extremely well.  In total we shipped the gown back and forth only twice to carry out minor alterations on the finished gown which was returned promptly.  Needless to say, Brittany’s elegant sleeveless gown was crafted from a sustainable viscose stretch crepe with a separate internal corset.  The silhouette was a gently A-line with a small church length train and covered buttons along the back for detailing.  Brittany’s handmade wedding dress was completed, beautifully packaged and shipped to her home in the US in time for her wedding day which took place at Martha’s Vineyard.

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Learn More About The Bespoke Wedding Dress Process


As a leading London Wedding Dress Maker, we specialise entirely in creating bespoke custom made wedding dresses for brides who simply dont fit into the typical wedding dress dream.  We appreciate that for every bride who finds us, fully exasperated by the process of shopping for her dress, that designing and making a wedding dress from scratch might not be exactly what she had in mind.  But, she clearly needs help to figure out a style, the details, the fabric and everything else in between.

To solve that problem, our showroom is where we proudly showcase our Private Collection of Bridal Gowns.  We created this exclusive collection to inspire brides by offering gowns in a range of silhouettes that are unique and different to mainstream wedding dress.  You can view our bridal collections HERE if you would prefer to chose a ready made gown that is fully customisable, or contact us by telephone to discuss any ideas you may have.


CALL THE STUDIO direct  020 3026 0689.


Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture is a highly respected British Couture wedding dress designer. Her bridal studio is located in North London  close to the Alpertons Piccadilly line Station. The wedding gowns in the atelier are all handmade and crafted in London with Cynthia personally overseeing every aspect of the appointment  from concept to completion.



Brit and Drews wedding was featured in the June 2022 Issue of Marthas Vineyard Magazine HERE
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