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Saying that I am ‘over-the-moon’ to publish this latest Real bride story  is an understatement because my bride had designed every element of her wedding since she was in her early teens.  Given that I have a least 5 changes a year, this incredibly focused young lady had not been swayed by time, trends or fashion but stuck to her dream of Effortless Elegance.

This is not to say that the whole process was a piece of cake.  By contrast, there were numerous challenges from start to finish – mainly of form over function – but when the bride is resolute about certain things,  I know she wants to see results.  Hopefully, once you’ve glimpsed a few of the photographs  (courtesy of another lovely bride) you will get a sense of the cool vibes, lifelong friendships, missed loved ones and maxed out fun – which was at fever pitch by sun set.

The brides own words…

“… it was certainly a no brainer for me getting married on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic.  My heritage is Dominican and so it was a great way to share my big day with my UK family and those across the island as well as my close friends and loved ones.  It would never cross our minds (Georgiou and I) to even begin to entertain the kind of wedding where you have a thousand people just for the sake of it  – so eloping with our friends was our super special way to say our  I dos”.

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A Destination Wedding is every brides dream…

The wedding took place at the Puna Cuna Resort.  The staff and wedding planner were absolutely wonderful and I would certainly recommend them as they ensured we had the entire pool area for much of the day and the night too, so that the whole experience was exclusive to us.

“I never stopped dreaming of a Caribbean beach wedding with the ocean breeze blowing through my veil and sand at my feet (although I did decide on shoes in the end to match my beautiful dress).  One thing about the Caribbean, it does get really hot but being on the beach you do get the lovely sea breeze so that its not too uncomfortable.  So when shopping for my wedding dress the challenge was to find a style and lightweight material that would live up to my effortless  elegance approach as well as looking great from beginning to end.  Although it did cost a little more, I choose silk fabric in the end which felt like a second skin on the day – and I felt amazing in it.

What was your experience of shopping for your dress?

Can I say this here?…  Thank you so much  Cynthia.  I have to be  your biggest fan!  I remember coming to your studio many years ago when my Aunt Claudia was getting married.  I remember watching you work on her dress… it was so awesome! and is just one of those things that you never ever forget.   So, I guess I had you on my wish list for the past 18 years.

To be fair, I did visit several bridal shops first and I did see several dresses that looked ok, but none of them were exactly what I wanted.  My bust is my biggest challenge and the dresses looked dreadful and non-inspiring.  So when I came to see you and you began explaining what you wanted to do and how you would work; you made it look so simple I really had nothing to worry about.  I also love the fact that you created a corset inside my dress so I didn’t have find a bra to work with my low back dress.