Real Bride |Finding a Wedding Dress Seamstress in Berkshire

The brides own words…

How did you find Oui Madam?
I live in the small village of Cookham, and was lucky to see the shop after purchasing my wedding dress! As I bought my dress in the States (also where I’m from), I was unable to use any of their suggested shops, so I had to venture out in England and find my own! After seeing your shop, I looked up your website, and really liked all the photos you had up, and decided to come in!

How did we compare to other shops you visited (perhaps something you might share with a friend about to embark on the same journey)?
I didn’t visit any other shops, but coming in and chatting with you really made me confident in my choice. You took so much time to talk with me, and figure out exactly what I wanted — there wasn’t any pressure or rush at all!

Why did you bring your dress to us?
I needed to have my dress altered so it could fit me perfectly.

Did we meet your expectation?
Yes, my dress fit perfectly, and was exactly as I wanted.

What could we have done better?

How was your dress on the day?
It was perfect! I felt like an absolute princess in it. I was nervous of having such a big skirt, but since you hemmed it perfectly, it was like I was floating on clouds!

The Wedding Day

As for the wedding itself, I really went for a glamorous traditional theme — hence why we got married in the oldest Catholic Church in London, had our reception at a historic Georgian townhouse, etc. There were lots of little details — gold wax stamps on each menu, personalised country pins for people to wear, and beautiful flowers in every corner possible! .

In The Workroom

Taking in such a big dress for alterations is always a challenge because once the dress is finished it takes a fair bit of time to get inside it to make adjustments – and costs are higher than normal alterations.   We carried out a really detailed refitting of this beautiful dress by taking in the corset to fit the bride so that she would feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.  The inner corset was buried beneath layers of intricate bead-work and though not difficult to achieve it took a long time to do the work.  The princess skirt was far too long for the brides height and was also around 9 layers of double circle skirt that had to be cut and hemmed.