Oui Madam win a BrideBook gold award?

I think, if ever there was a good excuse for my girls to top up the lipstick and open a bottle of fine stuff, it has to be now! And especially because we have the final results back from  BrideBook Wedding Supplier Awards – one of the leading UK wedding planning apps on the market – so Yayyy I am feeling a little warm and fuzzy!  And, I suppose the other good thing to come out the process provides a great opportunity to gather valued feedback from customers which is no mean feat because brides, understandably, are frantically busy (post wedding) just catching up on life itself!  The whole thing of waiting three months for the results to be checked and analysed is rather thrilling but damaging for the nails as I turn into an avid nail biter!  Honestly… when you are totally passionate about what you do, it can be a little bit like wearing your heart on your sleeve; but then to diminish it to a score out of five  Yikes!

None-the-less, (another chance to say it again really) we are humbly blown away to receive the ‘Gold Excellence Award’, and also to hear that our brides are ‘over the moon and beyond happy with what we do – is THE ICING on the CAKE!  So, continuing the theme of ‘wearing my heart on my sleeve’ and along with postin g this in the shop window – Lets take a look at a few of the comments and feedback from our voters about our wedding dress design service and ultimately our unique customer care aspects.

 Bride Book Feedback and multiple 5* scores

      • Found the dress and can’t wait for fittings!
         A personal, warm service and a stunning boutique. beautiful dresses and Cynthia has a great eye for what will make you look magical – Emily
        Customer service going the extra mile!
        I needed a dress for a wedding last minute and Oui Madam really went out of their way to help me select the perfect dress and we’re extremely helpful and patient! Really appreciate how much they care about their customers! Makes all the difference! Thank you!  – Ruth
        Awesome gifted and talented team
        Th[ese] women know how to make your light shine bright on that special day.
        Superb customer service and wedding dress design – Jackie
        I found a dress that I liked
        ….but it needed a few tweaks because I am quite small and a little busty. I went to see Oui Madam and met Cynthia and her assistant. Because of the amount of alterations needed to make it fit, it really wasn’t cheap in the end. But the results were jaw dropping. The final dress was way better than the first one as Cynthia restyled it to suit my body shape. Thank you so much Cynthia, you are a star and I cant wait to wear it.
        The best day of my life!
        Cynthia altered my dress to perfection! I looked and felt amazing on my wedding day and received so many compliments. Her skills are second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oui Madam for any of your wedding dress needs. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
        When you’re wearing love not just feeling it
        Cynthia’s love, professionalism, skill, understanding and creative genius just made this dress, my dress the ultimate dress for my big day. Cynthia developed the dress with me as we got closer and she was able to take risks that inspired me and thrilled me. I fell in love with the dress and I still well up looking at it now. She was kind, brilliant, funny and so skilled. She must win for Oui Madam  – Rach

So what does this mean for us as a business?

  • Going forward, Its really inspiring to know that brides have both appreciated shopping with us and, most importantly, they have had a good enough experience to want to share that with others.  Waiting on the results was nerve racking and I don’t suppose I really expected us to win anything as we are such a tiny brand compared to others more established through time
  • To continue to build on our strengths and ethos of putting our customers first.
  • To continue to strive for excellence.
  • To resist being swayed by mass market practices…Small is good!
  • To forge stronger links with smaller suppliers of unique products that compliment the wide range of brides who shop with us and strengthens our uniqueness as a brand.
  • To blow our trumpet a little more often and spread the news!
  • If you are visiting this website perhaps for the first time and want to know more about what we can do for you please click here