See Through Wedding Dresses | A practical guide to the perfect fit

Naked Wedding Dresses | The Debate

Every so often a new and often controversial trend arrives on the fashion scene and immediately the sparks start flying.  There are the early adopters- known as the fashion forward bunch; then there are those who cry “No” initially, but then decide to give it go further down the line once more versions are available; and then you have the late comers, who sit on the fence and eventually give it a try once the market is saturated and the price has come down. The trend in question, and on whose shoulders my entire morning is dedicated is the dramatic and revealing Naked Wedding Dresses trend.

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The debate around the appropriateness of sheer see through wedding dresses continues despite the style growing in popularity among younger brides; and, if you are a keen follower of bridal fashion, you will have noticed that some parody the overtly sexy and sheer materials purposely designed to expose parts of the body, breast and torso like never seen before.  Whilst others, attempt to sell the idea as a way to reclaim femininity, as though it is perfectly natural to want to walk down the aisle semi naked.

“Simple, elegant gowns for women who want to look and feel like a naturally elegant woman

Meanwhile others compare it to getting drunk and ending up in a sex shop instead of a bridal boutique

“Shockingly Naked Wedding Looks you Won’t Believe Actually Exist”.

On the other hand (you’ll be glad to know), I am loving this trend purely because it allows so much freedom to express personality and style with exceptional taste.  There is absolutely no reason why you cannot incorporate aspects of it for the modern bride whilst maintaining sophistication and elegance.

And so I’m  guessing at this point, that if you are still reading, you are either considering ways to incorporate the trend with a timeless look or, you are on the hunt for a show stopping wedding dress; so, whichever way you are going, I’m right there with you with a few helpful tips to get the very best out of your purchase and have you looking your very best.

The History of The Naked Dress

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The trend for utilizing Lace, Sheer, Mesh or Chiffon in clothing that allowed the wearers body or undergarments to be seen was popularised during the 1790’s by the hedonistic women of the day.  And ever since, the art of ‘wild dressing’ has been pursued by numerous celebrities like Josephine Baker, Mae West, Clara Bow and Marilyn Monroe, paving the way for Rhianna and Kim Khardashian to reinvent and revive this sexy and self-indulgent approach to modern dressing.

Behind the argument that, given a choice, the majority would give it a go to some degree, is the fact that one of the most popular gowns that I have ever designed –Dandridge – a sheer black gown, receives the most attention from women of all ages when they visit the boutique – proving that there is some sort of desire for various levels of hedonistic dressing and exciting new ways for us to bare some flesh without full nudity.  To use an infamous quote by Marilyn Monroe when questioned about posing nude ‘The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.’  And, Louis-Sébastien Mercier (French Author and dramatist) coined the look ‘a la sauvage’ – meaning ‘wild’.

Modern See Through Wedding Dresses

This Berta Bridal gown caught my eye around 2013/14 along with their outstanding collection of immaculately fitted gowns with breath taking plunging backs and sleeves.  Since then until now, the trend has captivated the fashion forward brides who were excited to escape the formalities and embrace and celebrate their body confidence; and who can blame them?  This trend is captivating and was right on time, demolishing the corporate rule book of transparent sleeves and panels being the closest a bride could get to sexy on her big day.

So, four years on is this trend letting up?  By no means.  One look at some of the dresses from recent collections of leading bridal designers confirm that See Through Wedding Dresses will be with us for some time to come.

But just because the design is a little risqué doesn’t mean that it can’t be sophisticated at the same time.  With a little thought and a good understanding of silhouette and design, it is possible to achieve a sexy dramatic and totally glamorous gown without baring all and lowering your standards.


Sophistication and Elegance | Sheer Wedding dresses

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Ok, you’ve decided to give it a try and you want to turn heads for the right reasons, here are a few practical tips that will guarantee you ‘drop it like it’s hot’ on your big day.

  • Look for dresses that hug your curves in all the right places and that have embellished panels finished with quality bead work and embroidery.
  • Be creative and open to suggestions.  The dress doesn’t have to be see through all over to be sexy as you could opt for a daringly low back or a plunging front panel.
  • The majority of bride’s dislike showing their arms, so if you choose a figure-hugging dress, look for one with long sleeves that will add volume and balance to the sheer elements.
  • Be aware that not all the dresses will be lined.  However, by introducing either nude or neutral tone linings, you will heighten the drama without ruining the illusion effect of the design.
  • Try layering the sheer layers against darker tones.  For example, a cappuccino tulle layered over a pale or nude lining is totally mesmerizing and will add more drama to the dress.  It’s a great way to ‘fool the eye’ whilst maintaining your dignity.
  • If you’re fuller figured or don’t’ want a figure hugging style, then look for gowns that are A-line skirts constructed from tulle or chiffon and made up of sheer layers.

Naked Wedding Dresses Naked Wedding Dresses


Worth keeping in mind when shopping – is that imagery promoting illusion style wedding dresses on Social Media websites have been heavily airbrushed with filters to make the dress and model look more attractive.  For example, the dresses are smooth with no wrinkles and or gaping necklines smoothed to perfection.


Naked wedding Dresses, Naked Wedding Dresses, designer wedding dresses

Naked Wedding Dresses Naked Wedding Dresses

Practical Steps to Improve The Fit of Your Naked Dress

There’s much to be said for the longstanding tradition of bespoke tailored wedding dresses, designed to keep you looking your best from morning to dusk; a point worth bearing in mind for those who need a little more support than many of the dresses will offer.  Because of this, you are going to come across naked wedding dresses that will look great in the changing room but fail to flatter and support your body shape to any degree.  Some of the problems are quite minor issues and can be resolved depending on your body type and bust size.

  • Lack of support and structure – You may find that inexpensive gowns provide little or no support for the breasts so you will need to insert bra cups that work with the neckline cut of the dress.  If you are still not satisfied with the results, you might experiment with a full corset or waist trainer and backless bra. It’s a good idea to shop for these before you start wedding dress shopping so that you can see first-hand any potential problems.
  • Finding the right underwear– Flesh colored panties and the sheerest tights will make legs look amazing.
  • If you are dark skinned or pale skinned, you may need to insert a second skin lining to provide a little privacy.
  • Getting in and out of your dress – Avoid wearing shoes when stepping in or out as the fabric is very easily damaged.  Choosing shoes with a smooth surface will help to stop the fabric catching and tearing as you move around on your big day.   Avoid 3D embellished heels and shoes with decor on the front that could catch the hemline and damage the dress.
  • One size fits all – Some of the see through wedding dresses currently on the market from well-known brands don’t have zips and you will struggle to get in and out of the dresses. This is easily resolved by asking them to include a zip opening when they manufacture your order because you don’t want to be struggling on the day and risk damaging the delicate laces with which the dress is made.

So hopefully you might now be thinking that you might look beyond the norm traditions to be a little different.  If you have further questions or want some advice about a dress you are considering, please do drop me an email here


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