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 As featured in Brides Magazine December issue


Can I just begin by saying what an amazing year 2020 has been for us.  Whilst we have been challenged at almost every level conceivable, the support from within the industry has been outstanding.  I am writing this post as fast as I can because my featured articles are beginning to stack up to the point where I can barely keep track of all the achievements.

light and elegant wedding dress

Thank you to Suzy Elizabeth Photography for inviting me to create a light and elegant wedding dress for a Barn Wedding shoot  at the Merris Court Barn in the Cotswold earlier this year and, on what was possibly the hottest day of the year.  I love Suzy’s work. Her energy and images are undeniably filled with the warm tones of romance, joy and rustic charm; sympathetically woven together with consideration for the subject and the conditions.

I wasn’t entirely sure whether my style could or would sit well within a Barn setting but, Suzy convinced me she really wanted to introduce something light, elegant and fun in a laid back way.  She fell in love with the Gloria dress for the light strappy bodice and the potential for something quite playful and relaxed without being overly bohemian.


 Laid back Elegance with a Rustic Twist


Keeping the style light, elegant, laid back and fun was the easy part.  The twist came when we arrived on the day of the shoot and met the tiny bride for the first time.  All of the volume went out the window and I had to quickly replace the skirt with a softer, lighter and more manageable tulle bridal skirt that worked perfectly for her height and size. The final look provided the perfect solution for brides who are smaller than average height and, who will find it challenging to find the right balance between the long flowing lines of many wedding dresses and the choice of materials used to construct it.

I named the dress after my tiny but uber stylish Aunt Perle – whose laughter and love of bold fashion statement were not hindered by height, size nor mountain.  If she wanted it,  she would simply find a way to make it work for her.


Thank you so much to the team at Brides Magazine where you can catch  up on the full article HERE

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