• Wedding Industry Challenges for Black Business Owners

Ever Wondered What Life Is Like For Black Wedding Business Owners?


Yesterday, I chose to no longer be silent by default. It was THE most painful thing and the bravest thing I have ever done since I first began working in the wedding industry more than 30 years ago.

But Today. I feel ashamed.


I’m ashamed because I have played the game in keeping quiet for far too long. I didn’t want to be seen ? in the wrong light. I’ve been conditioned to think that should I upset the barrow cart, I would be squeezed out of any opportunities.  But the truth is, that I’ve waited for more than 30 years for opportunities.

I’ve  begged and pleaded for opportunities.  I’ve played the game and tried to jump on board whenever there has been an opening for me to show my skills and share my expertise as a wedding industry professional.  But for all my efforts, the returns have been few and far between.  I’ve invested over and over; continuously pushing myself to do better but, it seems my best is never enough!


The UK Wedding Industry

As a child of generation ‘WindRush’, I dreamed of becoming a Couture Wedding Dress Designer and that one day I would be the best there is in my field.  But somewhere along the way, I got lost!.. I learned not to complain in order to get ahead.  “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” my mother would say.  But, ironically, the very hand that should have been feeding me, also exploited me to the point of almost losing my entire finger in a workroom whilst working long hours to get deadlines out.

It’s has been truly difficult to find the right words to express years of rejection and accumulative despair… because words are the only way that we can even bgein to express to others the internals of our heart, our hope’s and dreams.  And when that dream is all that you have you protect it at all costs.


So, stepping out has been a difficult journey and I am biting my lip even now as I write this.  But I do so with the hope for a world in which we can be accepted on the merits of what we do and not the colour or shade of our skin.


Huge congrats to @bychenai and @berryandbrie for their initiative and boldness in inviting me to join the conversation.

To all the following black female business owners who shared from their hearts and encouraged me to speak out…I applaud you too ♥
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