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Image Source | James Evans

A Beautiful UK Beach Wedding at Lusty Glaze Cornwall

Whilst many couples are stressing about having a smaller wedding, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to go all out and go for a really unique venue offering picturesque views and a memorable day for your guests too.  With smaller guest numbers in attendance, it should be much easier to make that budget go even further with an elopement styled destination wedding set against a backdrop of nature by the sea.  The location in the UK, means that everyone can get there for the event and if you opt for a weekend or mid-week overnight package during the summer, you’ve extended the celebration with a breakfast and mini – moon included.


Secluded & Private Beaches

One such venue, that I must admit to falling head-over-heels about if you are thinking of having a totally laid back and relaxed beach wedding right here in the UK, is the sublime and secluded Lusty Glaze Beach Venue.  Tucked away along the coastline of Cornwall with its private cove beach; it is the only places (currently) in the UK where you can legally get married on the beach.  The location has a totally uninterrupted sea view across the Atlantic Sea with unhindered views of fiery sunsets and dramatic cliffs;  so, I’m guessing,  that if this sounds like you?  Then Lusty Glaze will be the perfect hideaway for the intimate wedding of your dreams.


UK Beach Wedding Dresses

Image Sourced | Mackie Beach


But most importantly, and the purpose of this post, is to say Yayyy!!!!  I am so proud.  To share this moment with you –  and the article of course.  My tips for creating the perfect beach wedding dress’ that is elegant, comfortable and a style stealer for those perfect beach shots.


But why would you  need tips for a UK Beach Wedding?

Because getting married on a beach has its own hidden delights!  And from experience and feed back from previous brides, it involves a  little more thought & consideration.

In the article, I address common issues such as choosing around the right  style of dress in the right fabrics so that you are comfortably while dressing appropriately for the time of year &  taking into consideration the UK climate.  Everything is covered right HERE in this article.   Plus, I’ve added a follow up article which I will be posting shortly – on styling with accessories and choosing the right shoes.  All the info will be right here in HERE in my next blog.

I do hope that you found this article useful and If you are needing further detailed advice about styling or creating your dress for your wedding day.  You can reach me via the CONTACT page or directly by email



Photography Credits | James Evans  | MACKIE BEACH