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The Bespoke Wedding Dress Process

The Oui Madam Atelier experience is exclusively for brides who don’t want a typical wedding dress look but instead want to look elegantly timeless and modern in a bridal gown that is uniquely hand crafted and designed .

We focus purely on uniqueness and individuality – dresses that are meticulously crafted to fit the brides body shape right down to the smallest detail, and cannot be matched nor compared to a dress that is customized at any level.  We make no more than 20 Bridal Gowns each year so that we can provide a once-in-a-lifetime bridal shopping experience jam packed with fond memories of the journey.

The Cost of A Bespoke Wedding Dress

The price of a bespoke wedding dress starts from £2450.00  (excluding materials and the process takes from 6 – 9 months depending on availability.

Our first meeting will be an initial consultation to learn as much as possible about your tastes and invite you to try on a range of different styles and shapes before we begin the wedding dress design process.

Wedding Dress Design

You can bring along images that inspire you or customize any of  the bridal gowns in our collections.  You are free to choose fabrics that you love, trims & laces and even the silhouette so that it flatters your shape.  Should you be concerned about modesty or personal confidence, we will work together until the final design is one that will fit you perfectly.

There is no need to worry about gaining or losing weight during the process – we will re-measure you closer to the date of your event and remain flexible about the design for your peace of mind.

Fabric Samples and Selection

You will have the opportunity to view a wide range of premium exquisite fabrics and laces that are best suited for the design style that you have chosen

Recording Your Body Measurements

Before we can begin, we need to record your measurements so that we can begin work on the pattern and toile. You will need a good fitted bra and same height heels as you plan to wear on your special day. Don’t worry at this stage about losing weight as the toile will be fitted and refitted if necessary to allow for this.

Final Design Review

The final sketch of your bespoke gown will be prepared for you along with a sample of the fabrics, a sample of the beading or trims to be used and any special finishes that we have discussed

See Bespoke Brides Portfolio?

Toile Wedding Dress Fitting

This will be your first opportunity & glimpse of your chosen design, how thrilling!  Don’t be afraid to ask loads of questions during this time to be absolutely sure that your vision is completely understood.  You can expect lots of tweaking and suggestions about fit and design during this stage and you may have to attend a second toile fitting to ensure that the silouhette and fit is as accurate as can be.

Choosing the Fabric

Following the toile fitting, the pattern is finalised  and the order for the fabrics and trims can be confirmed and dispatched.   We will update you when the fabric is on its way to us and post you out small cuttings of the colour & texture  to assist you with planning other elements of your wedding such as floral’s, shoes and event design

Your First Wedding Dress Fitting

The first fitting of your dress will be an exciting time for you and to get the best from it, it is really important to wear the same undergarments as for the toile fitting.  It is also a good idea to bring along a pair of heels (of similar height to what you plan to wear) to help us have a clear picture of the final look.  As this will be the first [actual] dress fitting throughout the bespoke wedding dress process, please choose someone close to you to attend this first appointment and of course you’re welcome to take photos.

Who to bring with you to the final dress fitting

It is always a good idea to invite whoever is most likely to be your right-hand-woman on the big day itself.  This needs to be someone who is able to focus on details as they will be in charge of lacing or buttoning the back of your dress, as well as bustling the back train on your wedding day.

What does Atelier mean?

Atelier is a french word (hat-el-e-a) for the studio or workshop that is occupied by an artist or haute couture fashion designer; also known as the place where the magic happens.

Collecting Your Wedding Dress

Your beautifully hand crafted gown will be steamed, pressed and packaged into a bridal bag ready for you to transport by car.

Bridal accessories such as your veil, lingerie and jewelry is packaged for transportation to your home.

If you are travelling abroad, please let us know so that items can be specifically packed for travel via your choice of airline.


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