I had always known that I would design my own wedding dress and I can honestly say it was the best decision that I ever made.  I know that I can be  difficult to please! But Cynthia was such a professional and her work so beautiful that I had nothing to worry about.  Everyone said how beautiful my dress looked and ‘how very me’ it was…I didn’t want to take it off when the day ended.  After the wedding, Cynthia re-modeled the sleeves and shortened the hemline creating an entirely different dress for me to wear a second time.

Cynthia, you are quite simply the best!

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Most brides find me not only because of the opportunity to design your own wedding dress, but because it the perfect solution to solving their specific needs.  Meanwhile for brides who dream of owning a hand-made wedding dress that is one-of-a-kind, and beautifully hand crafted placing them full control of the design of their bridal gown.



The first question that you will most likely ask is how much does a bespoke bridal gown cost?  And quite rightly too.

It is often not as straight forward a question as you might think, simply because every bride is different, with very different needs.  When you think about buying a new Lexus, only a proportion of buyers are able to afford the basic hatch back – but none-the-less will own a Lexus anyway.  Of this audience, some will want a LX, SC, or RX model at he upper end of the scale; and not to stop there, will require add on’s and customization to suit.

Second consideration is the fact that a designer bridal gown  might well cost a little more than mass marketed gowns.  Is the cost of the  highly skilled teams who work on your dress alone.

Whilst I work alone in my studio, there are many elements of the design and production where I work alongside equally skilled individuals.  This means that I can deliver  exclusively designed bead work, embroidery & hand finishing consistently and to a high standard – from a sketch to a magical wedding dress.

That said above, the cost of  designing you bridal gown with us starts  from £2450 [excluding materials]


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My team are precious and highly prized individuals with a minimum of 15 – 40 years specializing in their specific art and skilled area of work.  These prized skills are an essential element within the industry itself so that brides can be confident of the service, skills, knowledge, and the product itself..

It takes anything from a minimum of 120 hours to create a custom made wedding dress for a client from calico mock-up – known as a toile to the final dress; and if the dress is a bespoke design, the making time is extended by at least a further 40 hours to allow the design of the dress to be perfected before it is made.


Before choosing a designer, it is important to understand the style and limits of the designer.  Many modern wedding dress designers have what is called a signature style.  This is often a style of dress that they produce over and over and so they know it well.  If the style that you want is not available, they might decline to make it as it is not what they do best.


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Our Bridal Collection

The Oui Madam Bridal Collection is a diverse collection of beautifully bespoke, handmade designer gowns synonymous with elegance and timelessness.  From classic to contemporary inexplicable works of art, with the occasional nod to modern trends.  Indisputable lovers of high fashion influences, yet remaining understated, clean and uncluttered with an occasional wow factor is perhaps best way of describing the collection .

“You won’t find the boutique filled with mainstream  wedding dresses because our ethos is about individuality and we take pride in the personal approach to design, all elements that are reflected in the styles of dresses that we create.” To understand the vision, follow our Instagram page for more insight and inspiration.

Experience and Skills

With over 30 years of experience creating bespoke bridal gowns that range from soft flowing cascading romantic and sheer ballgowns to classically corseted and tailored,  we design and make dresses that truly represent the individual style, vision and personality of the bride who will wear it.  The boutique is our way of showcasing our work for brides to experience and appreciate the high levels of design and the endless possibilities to what can be achieved.


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Why Design Your Own Wedding Dress with Oui Madam Bridal Atelier?

“Because we love helping our brides to scale new heights, over come the fear of body positiveness, to embrace and feel confident in her own body.  Plus, we have years of couture training and experience which is translated in the work that we do and ultimately in our customer feedback.


Designing bespoke corsets and couture bridal gowns is ultimately what we are great at. But we don’t just want to say this – we want for you to experience excellence on your own terms.  Our mission is for our brides to have the experience of a lifetime and walk away with a dress that you will never wish to part with.  We believe that the journey of your dress, is an essential part of ‘your’ wedding journey that began many years ago in childhood and it is important to us that you will recall the journey of designing your wedding dress with fondness and appreciation”.

What You Can Expect

Expect to be blown away by workmanship, dedication and pride.  The OUI MADAM BRIDAL BESPOKE WEDDING DRESS PROCESS is purely about relaxation and having fun along the journey.  By removing the mysticism of design, we appreciate that you won’t be familiar with fabric names, dress silhouettes or even exactly what style of dress your want – it’s our job to help you find it!  What is most important, is that you are our guest and we would love to help you as we create magic together.

Want to turn your journey into a magical one?  Get in touch  Tell me a little about what you want to achieve and we will be in touch as soon as your request is received.

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