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What is a bespoke wedding dress?

A dress that is created from your own design or, adapted from the samples in our boutique.  It is a one-off dress, made to fit your body measurements, which means it will fit you perfectly!  Even if you lose or gain weight or want to make a few changes to the design, it won’t affect your experience as we will remeasure you closer to the date and be totally flexible about the design too!  The freedom to have full control, flexibility and choices of fabric and color  is why our brides prefer the luxury of a bespoke wedding dress.  Every dress is personally fussed over and fitted by me, Cynthia, and made by the Oui Madam bespoke bridal team in our private London Studio.   I love dress designing and will guide you along the way so that you can confidently choose your own embellishment, sparkle, appliqué, ribbon details, or lace edging.

The joy of choosing your dress begins the moment you arrive so that your time and experience with us is unrivalled. 

We are based in Berkshire, with additional locations in London . Ask us about the VIP service at your home/office within the London area.

Bring your imagination. We’ll take care of the rest.

You’re welcome to call me at anytime should you have any queries about your bespoke wedding dress ideas. I have created luxury bridal gowns for over 25 years,Wedding dress designer Cynthia , I am happy to listen and advise you. You can call me on 01628 520 765, or email our design team at cuttingroom@ouimadam.com



Off the peg dresses are hand-made to your exact measurements. Attention is paid to the proportions (for example with focus on your height and bra size). A mock up dress allows us to perfect the fit and customize designs to your satisfaction with 2 fittings to obtain a superior fit. Adapting the design during this stage is fine if you change your mind or your body shape changes due to weight loss or gain.  Choose from a wider range of colors and fabrics to personalize your designer wedding dress.



The ULTIMATE bespoke wedding dress.  A couture dress nearly always has an internal corset providing full support and structure. A min of 2 mock-ups is standard, Beadwork and embellishments are unique to suit the design of the dress. All linings, internal finishing and hemlines are by hand to guarantee the perfect balance, finishing and drape of your couture wedding dress.



We often redesign vintage and family wedding dresses into modern, stylish designs, or refit and alter wedding dresses purchased online or elsewhere. The joy of recommissioning and wearing a pure silk once-worn wedding gown from a family member is priceless.

The alteration cost are typically around £185.00 upwards depending on the style, volume and complexity of the dress. The consultation takes around 30 – 60 mins and is free of charge provided you book the dress in on the day.

Do you have a few ideas you want to talk about? Let’s discuss them over coffee – T: 01628 520 765.