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I love working with a bride who chooses a Bespoke Couture Wedding Dress simply because she is unique. 

I offer a comprehensive creative experience, from sketching ideas to designing your bespoke couture dress.  This is, most importantly, a true collaboration of vision, shared dreams and achievements.”


The Bespoke wedding dress prices can appear fluid due to the nature and variable needs of the client.  The price includes not only the cost of designing and making the dress, but also the cost of  design development, fittings and alterations and providing mocks up prior to making the final dress.  A mock-up dress is known as a toile and can sometimes be made two or three times before I begin to make the final dress.  It is a detailed process which takes many hours to perfect and includes the cost of fittings – each of which can take from 20 – 40 mins each time.




Before commissioning a bespoke wedding dress, I provide two different levels of consultation so that clients can get an idea and ‘feel’ for the service before we progress to the next level.

The first consultation is free. It is held online and lasts around 20 mins. During this meeting, we have the opportunity to meet each other and develop a clear outline of the style and suggestions for materials.  Bear in mine that bespoke wedding dress prices are affected by a number of different factors and that each factor is a matter of choice and taste of the bride involved.  If, after our brief discussion, you wish to move to the next stage, we can then reserve a slot for you to visit the studio to continue the designing stage and explore possible fabric choices.

The studio is where the magic happens! You will be inspired!  You will have the chance to explore close up examples of the many dresses I have created to demonstrate the quality and craftsmanship within my work. You may also try on any of the dresses in the Bridal Collection to provide inspiration and ideas for your own dress.  If there is time and you wish to move to the next stage, we can finalize your sketch during this appointment and begin formulating a quotation for your final design.  This appointment only lasts around 60 mins but, at the end of the time, you will have a fully rounded idea of your bespoke wedding dress design, the full cost of the work involved and, a comprehensive outline of the bespoke wedding dress process.

Once you have accepted the quotation for designing your unique wedding dress, we will arrange a follow up appointment to see the full range of fabrics, trims and surface designs in more details.  At this appointment, I will take detailed body measurements and, provide you with a sketch of the agreed design and any fabrics swatches (if we have any available in stock).

Made-to-measure prices – start from £1650.00 inclusive of materials and applies to the gowns in the bridal collection which can be made in your exact size with any changes that you require. The cost of making changes to the design is added to the dress cost and prices start from 10% of the cost.

Bespoke Wedding Dress Prices starts at £3650 excluding materials.  We do charge less for simpler designs requiring less work.  But please note that the price will fluctuate upwards depending on the final fabric choice. Average wedding dress cost tend to be from £4350 



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Designed for busy brides who need a little extra help with styling and sourcing.  I can help with producing color palettes, sourcing accessories and generally putting your whole look together so that all the items that you need are in one place.  The price of this service is dependent on how much help you need and how much time is involved. Average cost for this service is from £275 – £650 plus the cost of any items purchased on your behalf



We offer a design your own wedding dress service costing £75.00

This service is specifically for brides who know exactly what they are looking for.   This is not a service designed to copy the work of other designers as this is unethical practice and is not something that I do.  However, I am committed to helping you create a unique dress and will only use any content that you supply to ‘inspire’ the making of your dress.

When you are sure that you wish to go ahead, please book this appointment slot on the calendar.  The appointment last around 60 mins to allow time for you to feel comfortable and confident with the process.

Before we meet, you will receive a confirmation email along with an invoice for the service.  This fee is refundable against the cost of ordering a bespoke wedding dress.



For brides who need extra help with styling and sourcing, I’d love to help you with producing color palettes, sourcing accessories and generally putting your whole look together.  The price of this service is depending on how much help you need and how much time is involved. Average cost for this service is £225 – 550 plus the cost of any items purchased on your behalf

The cost of the materials that are chosen is personal and individual to every bride and it is this cost that can add considerably to the making price.

Whilst I do allow for  some minor changes during the making of your dress as I want you to be happy, significant changes to the overall design once we have started work will increase the final costs of both the materials and the labour.  However, please do not be overly concerned about this as you will be kept informed at every stage of the process

For further information please visit the FAQ’s page


Cynthia is a genius and incredibly good fun to work with, which was a huge bonus for me. I’m not easy to please and had some very specific ideas which I couldn’t necessarily communicate that well. Cynthia was patient, knew the questions to ask, invested a huge amount of time and created the bridal gown of my dreams. I would recommend her to every bride! What a gem to find…. She has worked with all the top design houses and it shows. One hugely talented lady.

Jules | Taplow

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