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Why Choose a Bespoke Bridal Gown?

A bespoke bridal gown is exclusively designed for the wearer right down to the smallest detail and cannot be matched nor compared at any level.  It is a process that begins with trying on a range of styles and dress shapes to gain understanding and inspiration before we begin the wedding dress  design process.  The design and style can be entirely your own ideas or a combination of styles that you have seen elsewhere or in the boutique; which we then adapt and tweak the details to arrive at a design that is unique, one-off and perfect for your body type, personality.   You can also choose to remake any of the samples in our boutique collection in a different fabric, add alternative trims, change the lace, choose a different fit, add longer sleeves etc – this list is endless;  However, the final dress will be a one-off designer wedding dress, made to fit your body measurements, which means it will fit you perfectly even if you lose or gain weight during the process –  we remeasure you closer to the date of your event and offer you flexible about the design should you change your mind.


Brides choose to have their bridal gown designed and made as a time saving option to visiting multiple shops to find the one.  The opportunity to work with a wedding dress designer and have full control of all the details is why discerning brides prefer to choose a timeless, hand crafted bespoke gown – knowing that her needs are catered to at the location of her choice.   The thrill and experience of seeing how a wedding dress is made and knowing its journey from sketch to completion triggers a immediate bond, sense of responsibility and trust in the quality and workmanship.  Added to this is the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to be the artist and learn about  embellishments, techniques, appliqué detailing and the designer – all of the important contributing elements of the final product.

Is a Bespoke Bridal Gown More Expensive Than Off-The-Peg?

The cost of a Bespoke Bridal Gown depends on many personal factors such as taste and budget and the costs of materials will vary, as will the amount of material, design details and the type of specialist skills involved in the process.  Once we have agreed on the design and details, we are able to provide a written quote for that design.  The quote is fully inclusive and there is nothing further to pay once the dress is made – even if slight changes are made.  There are also no additional costs for alterations because we specialize in bespoke products.


We have a few different options to finding your special and unique bespoke wedding day look.  The Atelier Collection offers a range of separates so that you can build your own wedding dress with prices ranging from £825.00 upwards.  Every piece is the collection is fully custom made with a choice of fabric and personally made-to-measure just for you.

Our bespoke bridal gown service starts at £2500.00

We cannot provide quotes over the phone other than to use the starting price as a guide, until we know all of the work involved. We hold consultations by appointment only in our Cookham Atelier in Berkshire.

Bespoke Bridal gown fittings process

How Many Appointments Do You Have To Attend?

During the making process which can be from 3 – 9 months or more (depending on the time of year), each dress requires a minimum of 3 fittings depending on the style and complex nature of the design and materials.  The fittings will be at intervals so you will be notified of the dates well in advance to help you plan ahead.

How Long Do Dress Fittings Take?

On Average dress fittings last from 20 minutes to 50 mins.  Obviously the first two fittings are the most important as there is quite a lot of detail to cover.  To help you get the best from it, take along a well fitting bra and a pair of shoes similar in height to what you expect to wear on the wedding day.

What does Atelier mean?

Atelier is a french word (hat-el-e-a) for the studio or workshop that is occupied by an artist or haute couture fashion designer; also known as the place where the magic happens.

Oui Madam Bridal Atelier is based in Cookham close to the River Thames and within 5 minute drive of Cliveden National Trust estate for brides on a weekend escape.  Journey time is 25 minutes from West London, 40 mins from Richmond, Wimbledon and Kingston, and 10 minutes for  Buckinghamshire , Berkshire and Oxford brides.  Parking is free for two hours – So bring your imagination and we’ll take care of the rest.

Who to bring with you to your dress fitting?

Always a good idea to invite Mum to the first and last fitting as she will be your right-hand-woman  on the day.   At your final fitting, you must have your wedding shoes with you so that the hem of your dress can be turned up and pressed into position.  Your mum will also be guided on taking care of little details such as  lacing, buttoning the back or bustling the back train on your wedding day.

For more information about commissioning  a Bespoke Bridal Gown, please complete the Consultation Request Form and we will be in touch!

If you need a quick response – Call the studio direct on +44 (0) 7932 673 430, or by email  cuttingroom@ouimadam.com

Bespoke Bridal Gown design and fitting process