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 Bridal Dress Alterations London

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As couples find their feet again and begin looking forward with excitement and confidence toward their big day, we have seen a huge increase in the number of brides who desperately need our Bridal Dress Alterations services.  Because many brides postponed their wedding and have had their gowns packed away since the first lockdown in March 2020, the angst and the worry of suddenly finding their dream wedding dress either no longer fits due to weight gain, post pregancy weight or, quite simply, they just dont love it anymore! However, there is really no need to be overly worried and add to the stresses you already have. There is always a solution.

Whilst there is no standard answer to the challenge that brides-to-be face; the most important bit of advice we can offer brides who find themselves in this situation is to seek professional advice.  Why?  Because every fault they you may be finding with your dress right now, is fixable.



First things first.  Get a second opinion.  Most brides that we speak to, have a gut feeling that their bridal gown does not look right but they are unsure where to start.  So start by trying the dress on with a trusted friend and ask their opinion.  You know that sometimes things look far worse when you panic and those little things than can be tweaked get out of control. If you both agree that a expert opinion is needed, then you need to find a skilled bridal dress alterations service close to where you leave or work, and one that specialises in wedding dresses.  The worse thing you can do, is leaving it until 4 weeks before the wedding and hoping that they will take your dress at the last minute.  This is a receipe for disaster as you will need at least two fittings to get the dress fitting perfectly.  Also, leaving it until the last minute could cost you more as your order will be treated as a rushed order.  Just be assured that every problem can be solved as long as it is dealt with in good time and it might be more cost effective for a professional seamstress to help with finding a solution than to abandon the dress and rush out to find a replacment.




Here is one of our lovely brides Rachel whose dream wedding dress purchase turned into a disaster a year after she had purchased it.  Rachel bought a dress she fell in love with!  This is so easily done and is common among many brides-to-be – so dont be too hard on yourself.  Her dream wedding dress was two dress sizes too small simply because Rachel had make the mistake of purchasing her bridal gown in the wrong size.  It was one of those decisions that you make ‘in the moment’ knowing that it could all go wrong.  None-the-less, she loved her dress and was overjoyed to find that we were able to help her resolve the issue.

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BEST ADVICE – Seek help.  Ask for an expert opinion.  Talking it through and having a professional wedding dress alterations expert work through all the things you love, and those that you donts, will help you to determine what is fixable enabling you to put a plan in place to fix the issues.



The mistake of purchasing a bridal gown in the wrong size is common practice too and bridal boutiques will often recommend purchasing a gown that fits the largest measurement and then offer to fit the dress at a later date.  This is though, one of the beauties of having a bespoke wedding dress – saving you time and costs in the long run with no further costs for alterations.

For your peace of mind, our bridal dress alterations London Service has over 40 years of professional experience working exclusively with brides.  We have successfully resized many wedding dresses that were two sizes too small or even too big.  Often this work has involved unpicking much of the dress back to the foundations before recutting and restyling the gown to fit the new body measurements.  How we do this work depends on the dress design and also the needs of the bride.  Sometimes, where a dress is too tight across the bust and won’t close at the back, we find that by lowering the back neckline of the dress, this is often a successful way to solve the problem without a great deal of extra and unnecessary work if you dont need it.

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 “Like may brides to be, I made the fatal mistake of ordering a dress a couple of sizes smaller with the expectation that I was going to drop a load of weight before the big day….so when I turned up and met Cynthia, (after doing a lot of searching for Wedding Dress Alterations) at her beautiful boutique shop, I was a little (more than a little) panicked. Not only was the dress far too small, but it also had very little shape – i.e., it did not pull in in the right places….all in all it was a bit of a disaster. Cynthia was amazing! She assured me that something could be done, was super friendly and made me feel 100 times better about my obvious faux pas. Within a matter of weeks, Cynthia had completely transformed my dress. It was unrecognizable from the garment I had handed over – in the most amazing way.”Rachel Hirrel



As soon as you discover that your wedding dress is not fitting as well or that your shape has changed and your bridal gown simply doesnt look the same as you expected, we suggest bringing the dress to us at your ealiest convenience.  To get the best from this first appointment, we also recommend bringing along your shoes and undergarments.  The first consultation will be an opportunity to work with out wedding dress expert Cynthia, who will refit your bridal gown to suit your new shape and advise you of the cost.  We can even help you to work out a payment plan to suit your budget by purchasing your package direct from our website and spreading the payment via Klarna.

If you are happy with the quotation, you can leave your wedding dress with us so that we can schedule the work with our dressmakers  and begin planning a date for you to attend your first fitting.



We understand the need to know how much it will cost to alter your bridal gown.  However, becasue the work varies and all gowns are different, we charge for the work based on style, materials and the time it would take.

  • A one hour consultation and fitting costs £75.00 to a few hundred pounds for shortening the gown and lifting the shoulders.
  • Complex work such as adding half back corsets to support the bust, to fully customised corsets will set you back £350 upwards.
  • A full restructure of a wedding dress including resizing work can set you back £800.
  • Redesigning and remodelling a wedding dress is POA as this work will vary dependant on mnay factors.  Whilst the unexpected costs of altering a gown may seem unreal, it is the true nature of the work involved that requires us to be fully insured and possess the experience and skills to work on the most expensive dress you may have ever purchased.  Therefore, would you want to risk it?

We provide you with a accurate and no obligation quote at your appointment and a full explanation of why we are recommending the work we propose to do.  We make every effort to help you acheive your goals  whislt offering you an unrivalled service with impeccable service and workmanship.

We stand by our work.  Once we  started the process of altering your wedding dress, should we find that you need extra fittings, we do not charge you extra for the service.  We believe that peace of mind and ability to trust our services is far more important and we welcome you to book a zoom call to meet us before deciding if you wish to move ahead.  Our brides find us through recommendations or even via Google and choose to travel to us from as far away as the North East of England.


Please note,  there are many cheaper alternative services if you are tempted to use one of these.  However, you will get what you pay for and may not be as satisfied with the end result by which time your dress might possibly be irrepairable.


Please schedule your fitting appointment online by clicking this LINK or, by sending us an EMAIL HERE

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