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A Modern Minimalist Warehouse Wedding

I am particularly fond and yet a little shy of this Minimalist yet chic and stylish Warehouse Wedding Shoot that took place in Winchester Hampshire on a cold spring day.  The shoot centered around a newly renovated working farm and was organized by Beth the co-ordinator of the venue.  I can’t quite put into words why I was so nervous, other than this was my first styled bridal shoot involving quite a large team who I had never met before.  To my credit, I did arrive with a hand-picked hair and Make-up team that I had worked with previously, so at least I wasn’t totally alone; but none-the-less, the whole experience was still overwhelming with so much at stake.


minimalist warehouse wedding


To be fair and on reflection, I just couldn’t get my head around the idea of shooting my glamorous wedding dresses in this type of venue.   To be quite frank and honest, the concept of the warehouse wedding was a little too overwhelming for me and my personality; so, to anyone thinking of exploring this option I’d certainly recommend a fine bottle of wine to expand the mind as to the possibilities.


But on a more serious note, a visit to the venue prior to the shoot to provide some depth and perspective would have helped; another point that I would certainly recommend to anyone who is doing this for the first time.   It really is a huge investment in time for all involved and so to maximize the opportunity, it pays to have done loads of homework before hand.

I was fortunate on this occasion – but must state that I’ve never taken such a risk since – to work with a talented teams that who certainly transformed my thinking to the endless possibiliites.  To the point where I now recognize that this level of creativity happens most effectively when there are less rules and everyone is given the chance to bring their flavour – do you get what I mean?

So, without any further warbling…I’m really really pleased with the outcome and the images by Berkshire Photographer Annabel Farley who was so lovely to work with…and who by the end of the day, felt more like we had fully tribed – girl gang style **(just look at the photos from the URBAN JUNGLE SHOOT to see exactly what I mean).  Her talent and eye for capturing details has resulted in some truly lovely, warm and captivating photography of the day.


The Concept | Glam Warehouse Wedding

The Barn at Avington is totally secluded and completely off the beaten tracks surrounded by miles of open fields with trees and bluebell fields. The idea behind the shoot was to combine the natural elements of the surrounding farm and the simplicity of the industrial blank space into a chic modern and elegantly styled wedding venue for couples wanting a weekend glam camping style wedding.


minimalist warehouse wedding
Minimalist Warehouse Wedding

Industrial Glam with a tranquil feel and muted color palette with hints of geometrics, texture, copper and marble.  The neutral colors against the starkness of the space created a soft gentle much warmth against the coldness of the blank space.  It was hard to imagine at first how we could achieve a transformed space but, thanks to the stylist at Purple Doors, the stationery and caliigraphy by Eliza Rose at Home, the gorgeous stately cake by it was like magic! Seeing the    transition from industrial space to understated chic modern luxe style.


The Wedding Dresses

.minimalist warehouse wedding

Sophia | Silk Organza Bridal Coat Wedding Dress

Ellis| Structured & Fitted Strapless Silk  Fit and Flare Wedding dress with beaded lace bodice

Sophia | Silk Bridal Coat


Style | Valentina | Corded Spanish Lace

Style | Francessca | Fit and Flare Satin Wedding Dress


The Finer Details


The Venue Styling


Styling | Purple Doors Props


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The Creative Team



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