Real Brides

Happy New Year to you!

It has probably been around two weeks since you were last able to think soberly about becoming a real bride and the wedding date is fast approaching.  So, at a guess (since you are visiting my website), your thinking hat is on and you are at the start of the journey to find the one?  Well, before you stampede over to the photos and disappear down the rabbit hole, lets get to know each a little…

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I hope that  Xmas was a relaxing one break with only thoughts of food (feeding oneself), wine (intoxicating oneself) and spending time with your nearest and dearest and anyone else who invited themselves round! Because, this next phase of the journey is where you lose your pants, fill your designer handbag and Iphone with notes and cuttings on everything imaginable; and, hurtle your poor self around town trying to get everything done according to that picture of perfectness that only you will truly understand and appreciate.

Now don’t get me wrong!  I want to you have your magical moment even more than you do!  But I also know that your schedule won’t stretch to all the things you will attempt to achieve particularly when you don’t know what your options are.

Perhaps you might even be thinking ‘this seems complicated’ I can’t imagine how it works?


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I did a little bit of maths today (which felt kinda surreal when you’ve had two weeks off from work), to answer a rather insistent little girl who popped her nose round the door.   “So how many wedding dresses have you made….ever?” she said.   Well, I hadn’t a clue.  Largely because I don’t think of dresses and brides as numbers, I think in color and shapes and design and details.  So, after a good deal of finger counting multiplied by a few decades, I figured out that I have designed well over 300 dresses – excluding dresses made prior to 1998.


When you check out the portfolio section below you will see that my brides come from everywhere!  Surrey, South East London, West London, The Midlands, Scotland, Kensington, Hampstead, Highgate, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Canada, France, Belgium etc.  Many of these brides would simply email me with a description of what they wanted  and we would arrange to meet up in London for me to present my ideas and sample fabrics for them to select.

So, how would this work for you?  My job is to listen and find out exactly how you dream the day should be and present it back to you in sketches, fabric samples and trims – this way you get to see first hand before the process begins.  And, you don’t need to try on a hundred dresses if you would rather not… With experience, I begin by creating bespoke customized foundations for your dress saving you more time as you don’t need to worry about shopping for additional underwear – apart from knickers (optional)

In short, most of my brides say YES! in under 40mins

I have included in this post a small selection of my favourite dresses and media coverage.  And, if you look carefully, you might even spot that back in 2002, my bridesmaids were already wearing the 2018 Pantone colour of the year – How imaginative and inventive is that? .  Please feel free to drop me  line if you have questions that you want talk about with me and I will do my best to help.

Happy browsing!


btw, my style is not limited to what you can see but only by your imagination to dream!