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We are over the moon with excitement to share the news that our designer Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture London, conducted an  exclusive interview with a royal correspondence discussing of all things the Royal Family Wedding Dresses.  My goodness, The interview was  featured in the UK Express Online Edition this week and as always, it has been a whirlwind of a week getting this post out to you as you know we love to give our readers a heads up first.  So here is your exclusive ‘sneak behind the scenes’ which we are sharing with you here for you to read!

Also, we would like to thank  Dorothy Reddin – Royal Lifestyle Reporter  for writing such an amazing piece featuring  our founder and brand.

To learn more, head on over to our new website HERE .  You may wish to note that it is a 5 min read – for those of you who are easily distracted – so you may want to save it for your commute or your coffee break. Whatever you do, enjoy it and don’t forget to click the heart at the end of the article to show that you turned up.

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The Royal Family Wedding Dresses Article

Lady Kitty Spencers Wedding Dress


The unwritten rule for the design and style most favoured for Royal Wedding Dresses is modesty.  Hence every Royal wedding Dress during my time and probably yours too will have many features in common such as long sleeves, high necklines and with that, a certain level of pomp and grandeur regading the intricate details.  But it seems, not all Royals have stuck to the rules and in the article we examine in closer details the why’s

The full Express News Article is HERE

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