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“To provide women with access to a World Class Bespoke Wedding Dress Maker in just one click”


How: By providing the services brides need to create the dress that fits perfectly in every way. 


From the ready-made to badly made, I have seen it all in my 35 years of working with brides worldwide.  I bring a wealth of experience and specialist skills creating modern bridalwear from scratch or, providing advice and services for life changing bridal alterations – my brides know they can trust me to acheive their dream and deliver their dream wedding dress on time.


Brides who choose me trust me entirely to listen, honour and respect their choices and decisions.  In return, they recognise quality craftsmanship and the integrity on which my brand is founded.  They do not seek to compromise or devalue the years that I have spent to reach this point in my career.


Can I invite you to get in touch by contacting me HERE ?  I promise you won’t regret making this fact, it will be the best decision you’ve made since saying YES to the dress.


Thank you for stopping by the home of handcrafted bespoke wedding dresses London and couture bridal gowns – where ALL brides leave happy and fulfilled. I am Cynthia, founder and your wedding dress designer for the entire journey.  I create only 20 exquisitely handcrafted custom-made bridal gowns each year so that I can be sure my client get the very best attention throughout their time with us.


The studio is a charming ‘treasure trove’ in North West London, just off the A40 and Hanger Lane’.  Described by a leading bridal magazine as “a hidden treasure trove of fabrics, laces and exquisite beadings sourced from around the world.  [where] carefully selected materials from delicate French lace to flowing silk chiffons are available to inspire her clients  to complement her designs. With an artist’s eye for color and texture, Cynthia guides her clients throughout the entire selection process, helping them find the perfect fabric to bring their vision to life”.


From Guild of Master Craftsman certification, plus over 35 years of experience working with leading designers, my goal is to provide women with a unrivalled World Class Bespoke Dressmaking Service . Impeccable fitted gowns that are perfectly balanced and proportioned for the individual. My clients come from all over the world  because they feel safe and confident that I can deliver an excellent unrivalled product. 

Take your time to explore my work HERE which speaks luxuriously for itself.   There is no rush but do bear in mind that I do work 12 months ahead which means I am fully booked most of the year.



On their journey from Miss to Mrs, brides receive the expert advice and guidance of a leading bridal expert at every stage of their journey.  Cynthia’s  team understands that each bride’s journey should be tailor-made and aims to make the creation of every dress memorable. From the initial consultation to the final fitting, Cynthia and her team paid meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring the bride felt like the most beautiful version of herself.  Working through the pain points together  create the ultimate wedding dress design overflowing with creativity and surpassing their wildest dreams .

World Brides Magazine July 2023



With over 35 years of experience in couture bridal tailoring, I help brides create a memorable once-in-a lifetime dream wedding dress, in a way that brings  them joy, satisfaction and a strong sense of achievement.  People often ask me why I love what I do?  The answer is simply. I help women to feel confident and beautiful on the most important day of their lives.

A refined bespoke corseted dress that is masterfully cut and imppeccably finished provides a surge of confidence for the modern bride – knowing that she can have any dress style that she desires without limitations and rules.

The driving force behind my work is the creative freedom to explore emerging ideas and to share this with clients who appreciate the integrity of the craft.  Brides who are curious responsible consumers of fashion, choose above all things, to create a lasting memory of their special moment leading up to the big day. Their appreciation for the dedication and lifelong accumulated skill and experience required to achieve exclusivity in design is rewarding for the entire team at Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture


… value their uniqueness and who aren’t in search of a typical wedding dress.  Brides who recognise and trust my devotion and integrity to the art of bridal tailoring to deliver elegant and timeless meticulously handcrafted bridal gowns every time.




If you are a modern bride in search of a timeless yet affordable, statement couture bridal gown – then a visit to Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture is an absolute must – and I truly cannot wait to meet you.

If, you are not quite ready to make the plunge just yet – that’s fine too.  Feel free to look around my ‘girl cave’ until you feel ready – there are of course plenty of reasons to explore working alongside the Bespoke Wedding Dress London team to create From sketch to finished gown?   Whenever you are ready, I’ll be right here waiting and ready to work closely with you every step of the way creating your magical and exclusively designed bespoke gown


“Cynthia is a genius and incredibly good fun to work with, which was a huge bonus for me. I’m not easy to please and had some very specific ideas which I couldn’t necessarily communicate that well. Cynthia was patient, knew the questions to ask, invested a huge amount of time and created the bridal gown of my dreams. I would recommend her to every bride! What a gem to find…. She has worked with all the top design houses and it shows. One hugely talented lady”.

Jules | Taplow

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